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When your child is having a dental emergency, we're here to provide prompt, comforting care. Contact us right away to speak with our team and save that little smile! Unsure if your kiddo is having a dental emergency? Keep reading.

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Why Should My Child Get Emergency Dental Care?

Getting emergency dental care gets your child out of pain. Toothaches, broken teeth, and other dental problems can cause discomfort that interferes with school, sports, and more. Getting care from our office may eliminate their pain and let them resume their normal routine. You and your child will also avoid further complications, which can save you both time and money. And most importantly, you’ll get peace of mind, knowing your child’s mouth is healthy once again.

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Baby teeth help form the paths the adult teeth take when they erupt.

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Problem-Focused Exams

When issues arise, our team can perform problem-focused exams (also known as limited exams) to help address the issues. Limited exams allow us to focus on what’s hurting or injured so we can get your kiddo out of pain fast.

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The Benefits of Immediate Emergency Dental Care

Relief From Pain & Discomfort

A broken tooth, a pulled-out crown, or a toothache can cause lots of pain. And the only way to eliminate this pain is with proper dental care from an experienced emergency dentist, like Dr. Austin or Dr. Gupta. Once your child gets treatment at our office, they can get back to their normal routine without pain, crying, and distractions.

Prevent More Complications

Stopping by our office to treat your child's issue now can help prevent further complications down the road. It's our number one goal to keep your child pain-free and smiling, so don't hesitate to give us a call. Prevention is always the best medicine!

Save Time & Money

The sooner you get help, the more affordable your child’s care will be. If you see Dr. Austin or Dr. Gupta as soon as you notice your child’s issue, your budget will thank you.

The Emergency Dentistry Treatment Process

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Call For An Appointment

As soon as you notice your child’s dental emergency, please give our office a call. We’ll discuss your problem with you, and schedule an appointment with Dr. Austin or Dr. Gupta ASAP. We can also give you some tips on how to deal with your emergency until it’s time for your little one’s appointment.

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Emergency Exam

Once you come to our office, Dr. Austin or Dr. Gupta will take a look at your child’s mouth. They will get to the bottom of your issue, and determine the right treatment for your child’s condition.

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Treating Your Child’s Condition

Every child is different, and so is every dental emergency. A few common emergency dental treatments include root canals, dental fillings, dental crowns, tooth extractions, and splints for loose or knocked-out teeth. Dr. Austin  or Dr. Gupta will make sure that they get the appropriate care for their condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

First, treat their discomfort and bleeding. Then, contact us for an emergency appointment. After consulting with Dr. Austin or Dr. Gupta, they can determine the best treatment for restoring the damaged tooth, and ensure your child’s smile remains healthy and strong.

Collect the filling, crown, or other piece of dental work and place it in a plastic baggie. Then, call us for an appointment, and make sure to bring your child’s dental work in with you. It may be possible to reattach a crown instead of completely replacing it.

A severe toothache could indicate that your child has a deep cavity or an infected tooth. You should schedule a consultation at our office right away, as these are both serious dental emergencies that will only get worse without proper treatment.

If a baby tooth has come loose and it’s not due to an oral injury, you don’t have to do anything. Baby teeth are meant to fall out eventually, so this is natural.

However, if one of their teeth becomes loose and is bleeding after an oral injury, it may not be ready to fall out yet. The best thing to do is to get a consultation with Dr. Austin or Dr. Gupta to have their mouth examined, and determine whether the tooth can be saved or if it should be replaced with a space maintainer.

Knocked-out baby teeth are not usually replaced, even if they’re lost prematurely. If it’s a baby tooth, your child will need to come into our office to have their mouth examined and cleaned to prevent infection, and to possibly get a “space maintainer.” This prosthetic will maintain the proper gap between their teeth, preventing the adjacent teeth from shifting toward the now-empty socket.

For an adult tooth, though, you need to get help immediately. Recover the tooth, rinse it, and put it in a container of cold milk to keep it moist. If your child has experienced a severe injury, we recommend going to the ER first as they will address more important complications first, such as loss of consciousness. The ER will also address the teeth before potentially referring you to a dentist. If the ER recommends you see a dentist, contact our office for follow-up care.